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 Architecture is the major art of designing spaces and building buildings, respecting rules
of empirical or scientific construction, as well as aesthetic concepts, classical or new, of
form and arrangement of space, in including the social and environmental aspects
related to the function of the building and its integration into its environment, regardless
of this function: habitable, sepulchral, ​​ritual, institutional, religious, defensive, craft,
commercial, scientific, sign, museum, industrial, monumental, decorative, landscape, even purely artistic.

 This is why architecture is defined as "an expression of culture". It is recognized as the first of
the major arts in the classification of arts, commonly accepted, the twentieth century, the nine major
arts and is part of the fine arts.

Urban planning is the ensemble of sciences, techniques and arts relating to the organization and planning of urban spaces, with a view to ensuring the well-being of man and improving relations social benefits while preserving the environment. Studies, operation, problems, project, planning techniques; ordinary urbanism, intelligent, modern; national, regional planning.

Technical sheet :

University: May 08, 1945 - Guelma

Faculty of Science and Technology

Department of Architecture and Urbanism

Head of Department: BOUDJAHEM Hocine

Assistant in charge of schooling: MIHOUBI Mounira

Assistant in charge of the post-graduation: BELOUADAH Naceur

Number of students: 431 students

312 undergraduate and 119 undergraduate students