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The Department of Civil Engineering was established in 1989, and was converted into an institute in 1992 byinisteria

Decree No. 92/299 of 7 August 92 and then to the Department by Decree No. 806/806 of 12 December 2001. On

24/06 / 2010 became

 the Department of Civil Engineering and Irrigation by ministerial order No. 200.

Target jobs and occupations in the field of civil engineering and irrigation

• In charge of studies in civil engineering and irrigation;

• Acting in Project Management,

• Technical framework responsible for follow-up and technical oversight;

• Technical Assistant in Civil Engineering and Irrigation,

• Office of Studies and Expertise,

• Works Coordinator,

• a project path,

• Water management

• In charge of studying water distribution and sanitation networks


Configurations provided

 The Department of Civil Engineering and Irrigation receives students:

* From the common trunk of science and technology to integrate in one of the specializations for the third year Bachelor

* Admission on the basis of a certificate in the first year Master for students who hold a bachelor's degree either from the

  department or from the departments of civil engineering and irrigation to other universities

Licence LMD

 The department is in two semesters,students in order to obtain a bachelor's degree in two specializations open since 2007/2008:

- Civil Engineering

- Urban irrigation

Master LMD

The Department of Civil Engineering and Irrigation currently includes five Master specializations:

- Structures

- Geotechnical

- Materials in Civil Engineering

- Irrigation and water technologies

- Water Resources


In cooperation with the Laboratory of Civil Engineering and Irrigation, the department will be post-graduate
researchers participating in the scientific radiation of our university.


13 classrooms with a total of 400 seats;

07 Pedagogical laboratories: soil mechanics, material resistance, reinforced concrete, irrigation, topography, roads and building materials.

The computer center is equipped with powerful computers and many software for facility calculation and numerical simulation.