Exam schedule semester 2 2020/2021

Exam schedule semester 2 Vague 1 Tlc ELN 2020/2021




 The need for Electronics and Telecommunications is becoming more and more vital for virtually all the mechanisms that govern the
different social dynamics. As a result, all the services and techniques offered by these branches must be the subject of special attention,
scientific investment and technological development; since their impacts on socio-economic equilibriums are becoming more and more decisive.
It becomes, therefore, essential to invest these areas through knowledge, scientific research, technological applications ...; which justifies
in our opinion, the formation of the human framework which is, at all times, the fundamental and essential component of all the processes of
development. It is within this framework that the
training provided by the Department of Electronics and Telecommunications, Faculty of Science and Technology, University May 8, 1945 Guelma.

The department provides the following trainings:


- Electronics Industry / Option: Electronics

- Telecommunications Sector / Option: Telecommunications

- Telecommunications sector with national recruitment


- Telecommunications sector / option: Telecommunications Systems,

- Telecommunications sector / option: Networks and Mobile Communications,

- Electronics Industry / Option: Electronic Systems,

- Electronics / Option: Advanced Control

- Electrical Engineering / Option: Signal and Image in Biomedical

Doctorate 3rd cycle LMD

- Telecommunications.

- Biometric signals and images

- Classical System Doctorate


Employment sectors

The training courses provided by the department are part of the electronic and telecommunications sectors and new
information and communication technologies (ICT).

For the telecommunications sector, target players range from equipment manufacturers
in Algeria (Alcatel, Nokia, Cisco, etc.) to telecommunications operators (Algeria TELECOM, Mobilis, Nedjma, etc.),
as well as numerous economic operators. and official institutions deploying a telecommunications infrastructure and
platform such as SONATRACH, SONELGAZ, ... as well as the services of the Ministry of Postal Services and Information and
Communication Technologies, the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of national defense.

In the field of electronics, the city of Guelma is located at a strategic crossroads in a highly
demanding region of technical executives in all areas of technology in general (the Annaba and Skikda
Power Plants. industrial, instrumentation, maintenance of electronic systems Asmidal, and Sidirurgie (Annaba),
mechanical industries (Constantine), agribusiness (production unit of Guelma sugar, tomato in Guelma, Skikda, Annaba and El Tarf);




06 classrooms; 06 Educational laboratories and 2 data centers


List of educational laboratories

 Laboratory Location Technician

 Telecommunications Laboratory

Electrical Measurement Laboratory

Laboratory of General and Logical Electronics

Laboratory of automation and robotics

Digital Processing Center

Printed Circuit Laboratory

Servo control and regulation laboratory


Human potential

Total number of teachers 32

Professor 04

Lecturer class A 05

Lecturer class B 10

Assistant Master Class A 10

Assistant Master Class B 03

Staff Technical Staff 02

Staff Administrative Staff 02

Staff Intern 01