The Mechanical Engineering Department

Being a science, techniques is industries, mechanics is at the heart of our lives.
Not only is it at the root of most current technologies, but it is the foundation of
key strategic areas such as transportation and power generation. Through the development of
numerical simulations and its ability to evolve in multidisciplinary contexts, mechanics
continues to be a key element of technological innovation. Combined with electronics, IT, bio
and nano technologies, it remains at the service of our societies and is ready to meet future
challenges. Mechanical development is involved in the definition and creation of new products as
well as in the improvement of existing products.

The theme of Mechanical Engineering covers all the methods and applications related to the development, design, analysis and
operation of the mechanical systems that surround us and which condition our daily environment.

Based on the complementarity between practice and theory and the diversity of subjects taught, the department trains
executives capable of integrating and evolving in a complex and constantly changing socio-economic context.


Created in 1988, transformed into an institute by the ministerial decree N ° 92/299 of August 07, 92 then in department

by the decree N ° 806/806 of December 12, 2001.

Since the 2010/2011 academic year, the Department of Mechanical Engineering has

become the largest department of the Faculty of Science and Technology after

the attachment of the common core Science and Technology.

Employment sectors

Master's and Master's degrees in Mechanical Engineering fit into most industrial and service fields, both

in large industrial groups and in small and medium-sized companies


Two research laboratories "Laboratory of Mechanics & Structure" and "Laboratory of Applied Mechanics of New Materials" group the majority of teachers in the department.

National and international cooperation

Through the LMS laboratory which has very good scientific relations with several universities and national and international research laboratories:

- Laboratory of Vibrations & Acoustics, Laboratory of Contact & Solid Mechanics, INSA Lyon;
- Composite Group & Mechanical Structures, Lemans;
- Higher School of Engineers, Marseille;
- National Technical University, Belarus;
- University of Sheffield and University of Bristol, UK.
- SONATRACH Research Center;
- FERTIAL Annaba;

Research work

The work of the researchers affiliated to the LMS laboratory can be found on the laboratory site. 

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