Word from the Dean


My sons, the students of the Faculty of Science and Technology of the University of 8 May 1945 I am honored on behalf of the Faculty of Science
and Technology faculty members and the staff and workers (workers and administrators) to welcome you to the site of your college. My sons, the students, my daughters
and the students, you are the hope of Algeria, with your minds, we will build up its renaissance, and with your faith in God, and with science, our country will prosper and rise. My college students have a large number of distinguished faculty members in all engineering disciplines and have obtained their degrees from the largest Algerian and international universities, and the faculty has a good and advanced administrative staff working on the effort so that the collegecan play its role in the best way . My sons students, my daughters students

،Your college with its human and material potentials and diverse engineering disciplines is a fortress of science so your main goal is to excel in the engineering profession. My students, my daughters, your college from all the accredited colleges of the National Pedagogical Committee, be proud to join them. My students, my daughters and students, your college has specialized laboratories and laboratories that have been updated to keep abreast of the continuous development of the engineering profession. There are also many computer centers connected to the Internet. There are also scientific clubs i the college so that students can practice scientific activity and implement their innovations with the help of faculty members
My students, my daughters and students, invite you all to participate in all activitieOrganized by the College, which aims to build a normal and integrated character that has an important role in building the developed society. My sons students, girls students, commitment to university ethics and make every effort to benefit from scientific is the basis of successful and distinguished engineer. My students, my daughters and students, invite you to keep the college facilities because they belong to you.
I ask God to help us all for the good of our beloved country Algeria.