Tutoring is a permanent monitoring and support mission for students in
order to facilitate their integration into university life and their
access to information on the world of work.

Tutoring is organized for the benefit of first-year undergraduate students.

See the Tutor Guide

 The tutor is subject to periodic evaluation by the training area team and
the department head.
As such,he is required to submit a report of activities every three (3) months.

Guardian evaluation sheet

In the assessment of tutor activity, the degree of student
satisfaction is taken into account. (Tutored questionnaire)

The tutoring committee draws up an annual evaluation report of
the tutoring process and submits it to the minister responsible

for higher education. (Tutoring Commission).

Regulatory texts :


TUTORATE 2017-2018


Status of Teachers' TenantVacataires 

State of Presence Tutoring  Tutorat