The faculty's university library offers a rich documentary offering in all areas of
science and technology taught at the Faculty of Science and Technology and offers its users a wide choice of books.
The library is open to all students at various levels, as well as teachers and researchers.However, a number of services and benefits are reserved for regularly registered readers.
For this, the library card is indispensable and individual.

The faculty library is open:

From Sunday to Thursday from 8:00 to 16:30 without interruption.

Users of the library:

Students, Teachers and Researchers.
university staff.
users outside the university (under conditions).
Literature search :

 In 2010, the Faculty of Technology library conducted a program to computerize
library operations to facilitate the work of library users. The software is called syngeb
(Standard System Management Library) which allows you to perform a
search as simple as accentuated books or theses available in our databases.