Documentary background


Documentary background

The current book library fund for the 2016/2017 academic season

-Surroundings of 3610 titles equivalent to 16003 copies in 19732 volumes.
-Language, technical and general dictionaries around 15 titles equivalent to 54 volumes
- theses.
        *Enabling Theses 01
         *Doctoral Theses 31

The rate memories of 3381 memories
        *State Engineer 1204
        *Master 787
        *DUEA 1390

The documentary collection covers all the sectors and specialties of the departments of our Faculty: Mechanical Engineering, Civil and Hydraulic Engineering, Chemistry and Process Engineering, Architecture, Electrical Engineering and Automation, Electronics and Telecommunications and Common Core Science and Technology.

  Number of readers:

 More than 2200 faculty users, including the entire university community

(Students, teachers, staff, others ..) And the doors open to the users of the university May 8, 1945 of a

Side and the user outside the university (under conditions) of another.

Accommodation capacity :

    *eading room with a capacity of 160 places (ST and MI)
    * external loan room with 06 bibliographic research positions of 12 places
    * on-site consultation room with 04 bibliographic research positions of 68 places